26 Oct 2014

What's on the menu? #2

Last week pretty much to plan. I didn't manage the coconut flapjacks. But did whip up a favourite chocolate traybake of ours by the pink whisk. This cake is quick, moist and yummy. I also did some successful bread baking. I have tried numerous times and i have failed every single time. But I did it. I made bread (a special devoted post will be coming soon. My week has been busy busy.) 

Favourite meal from last week : the sticky pork and noodles. It was delicious. 

Kitchen fail : the mash and cabbage I did on Monday. I mixed them together and I was not so keen. 

Moving on. This week. 

Sunday // we have a few friends calling round today. So chocolate cake, nibbles from the oven and wine will probably be the menu.

Monday // lamb shanks, mash and veg. Think I'm gonna give these a whirl in the slow cooker. 

Tuesday // my mum picked us up a tray of some ready seasoned Moroccan chicken with apricots and lemon from waitrose. So it will be that and some rice for our supper. 

Wednesday // fish pie. (With leftover mash from Monday!)

Thursday // meatballs. With cous cous for M and pasta for everyone else. M has a complete dislike of pasta in any shape or form. 

Friday // BIRTHDAY TEA PARTY. my little pumpkin shall be turning one. So a little tea party with his brother, cousin and nanny and auntie.


Death by chocolate cake on Sunday. And Friday baking little man a little cake - his nanny is making the special one for his party at the weekend. 

Breadsticks. !! We shall see. 

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