27 Oct 2014

Love last week #20

1// getting bread dough to rise! I actually did it. 2// and managed to bake bread rolls with it that everyone ate! 3// getting to spend some one on one time with the pickle on a Monday is rather special. 4// coffee date with my boss. Winning 5// some times things just make up smile. Even at 7.30am while rushing from one drop off to another 6// awesome school photo proof from the big! 7// frankenblanket is down. It's not amazing, perfect or normal really. But it's done. It's big. And it has a border. 8// cuddles with the nephew and N. All good. 9// kids birthday parties are never high on my list of happy! But watching big play nicely, listen, take part in games and take turns. That's winning. 10// we have a wide circle of family and friends. And some we don't see regularly even with living close to each other. So making time to see each other and eat cake. That's all good. 


  1. I love the sight of a big dome of proving dough, it's just magic x

  2. Yay for cake and bread :) Sounds like you've had a great week!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx