20 Oct 2014

Love last week #19

This week has really felt like autumn!

1// progressing to mid day milk from a cup. 
2// my crazy boy got a couple of rewards this week and he just loves figures. 
3// i casted off a very old knitting wip. Just in time for chilly days coming. 
4// school run selfies with my crazy. 
5// it's hard for hubby during he week. He leaves early gets home late from work. The boys love cuddles with their dad. 
6// sock one done. Just the other one to the pair to go. 
7// my boys wake early. A little too early at times. But Saturday morning mean pjs and cuddles instead of rushing out the door. 
8// their friendship is developing. They are playing together more. And N is turning into a right climber. Great. 
9// our park is lovely. 
10// love that he gives me cuddles. 

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  1. Great way to look back at a week! Your park is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Meghann!! I enjoy finding the happy things looking back through my phone - even though somtimes its not all happy at the time.

  2. Oh wow! Those socks are amazing!! Yay for rewards :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx