1 Oct 2014

Love Last week #16

last week had lots of happy things in it. Which is good to look back on as living in the week it did not feel so happy. This is my best thing about this little project, the week may not feel great but the memories I remember from the week - they are pretty special.

Starting from the top!
1// finding time to pick up my cross stitch. 2// Mondays are now a day for me and little man to spend some time together while big is at school. 3// before collecting the crazy who loves a selfie! 4// fitting in couple of quick squidgy cuddles with my little nephew. 5// taking silly selfies with the hubby 6// finding big fast asleep with glow sticks on his wrist  7// catching this special moment between these brothers. 8// little man is walking more! so his first pair of shoes were required. 9// pumpkin spice latte - need I say more 10//upgrading toy storage in the front room. 11// spending time with some special people in my life (even though we are miles apart) and our in total 7 kids!! 12//cuddles with this newest little man. swoon 13// and watching my eldest play so well with them.
Happy vibes to you all.

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