2 Oct 2014


Finding it. Keeping it. Not feeling guilty by it.

It's a phrase I use all to often during the week.

Finding that balance. Balance between working and being mum. Balance between being real me and the one everyone else sees. Balance between all my million hobbies. Balance between both my boys. Balance between giving hubby space to do his hobbies or fitness and wanting him to be at home with us, helping me out. Balance between quick meals and healthy ones. Balance between screen time and other activities.

So much to think about at one time.  Making sure my time is well spend and spread evenly. That I consider possibilities and work through options. That the balance does not swing to favourable in one position. That I am able to achieve an if what at sometimes fairly equal balance.

I know it should get easier, I've witnesses that already as my new born morphs into a toddler and my eldest is now begining his school journey. I no longer have a new born baby totally reliant on his mother which at times meant other things just had to wait. I no longer have a eldest son who still requires my full on attention at all times. I now have a cruising almost toddler who is at times happy to explore or eat!! While I given my eldest the attention he needs with reading or school work or talking through his day. I now have an eldest who is able to help me with his brother or os happy to sit on his own and look at a book or watch a programme so that I can give little man some 1 on 1 time for me to encourage him.

Being a working parent is something mostly I am very proud to be. I am proud that I can do
Both. That I want to do both. That I am able and capable to both. I enjoy the meetings and spreadsheets and then I enjoy the school pick ups and snuggles.

My online persona is quite easily used as a mask to hide the real me. The real me that worries and panics a lot. The real me that gets nervous in social situations. Even with friends I have know for years. The real me that is flaky and unreliable at times. The real me that would quite happily lay on the sofa and shut my eyes instead of being out and about in the real world.

My balancing act falls to my hobbies too. I find evenings in which I sit and achieve nothing creative makes me feel sad. But I am trying harder to think as my week as a whole so If I manage an hour of knitting, an hour of crochet, one of cross stitch or some scrapbookingober the course of a whole week. Well that's not to bad for a busy working mum hey? id say this is my downtime. This is how I like to spend my time. I have this built in urge to be creative. To make pretty things.

How do you find a balance? Any tips?

And thanks for getting to the end of this big ole random selection of words. Or things. Thank you.

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  1. I still haven't figured balance out yet, to be honest. Like you've said, things are constantly changing - with the kids growing up they want different things at different times. I feel like just as we have mastered one stage, we are on to the next! I've seen on instagram some of the things that you've knitted/crocheted etc... it's nice that you get some time to do things like that, glad it helps you feel good x

    So no tips from me, other than keep doing what you're doing I guess and don't feel that you ALWAYS have to be doing something, or going out. Sometimes it is good to have time to just 'be'.