20 Sep 2014

New Journey Begins

This last two weeks have been a logistical nightmare. It's been a couple of weeks of childcare spreadsheets, planning what needs to go where and begging childcare from friends and family. This past two weeks have seen my eldest start school.
And my oh my has he enjoyed it.

His school operate a settling in period which has caused my headaches days of just afternoons, followed by mornings and lunch and finally two days of full school hours. I know I am lucky. He's taken to it so well. He's walked into class no tears. He's been dropped off and collected by various people with no worries, no fusses or fights. He walks into class without looking back following instructions on taken his blue book out, putting his water bottle down and hanging up his coat. He comes home daily with stickers proudly telling me he counted to twenty, or knew all but one letter in the alphabet, or named all the shapes correctly or he did good tidying. He's been telling me he's made friends and enjoys playing with the bigger kids on his playtime. He have nightly sat down and read a new book talking about what's happening and we have also been reading his picture book too. Where he has been telling me and N how to build a scarecrow.

I have not been sad about him starting this journey. It's been exciting to watch. To see him bound with energy through the door smiling at his teacher as he passes. He has such enthusiasm for this new stage. He's been so happy to go. This I think does make it easier on me as he marches off through the door.

This is the first steps in his long school journey. I do wonder where it will take him. Will the stories of King's and queens ignite his imagination or will it be facts and figures about animals or the world. Will you love football club or prefer computer club. Will you enjoy writing stories or prefer maths and science. I'm excited to see where this journey takes you. I just hope you enjoy it. That you make friends. That you are not bullied and you are not the bully. I hope you stay strong, make good roots and cultivate a journey in this world which is yours. That you have the resolve to be the amazing person that I know you are.

He's really been by little buddy for a long time. He's taught me to ge a mum. And I do miss the times with him. But I know he is loving (so far) his school first steps. And forever I hope that will continue.

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