26 Sep 2014

Love last week #15

My life recently has been one big blur of collection, drop offs, work. Logistically a nightmare. My brain hurts. But I think I am finally finally coming out the other side and making sense of things again. Here's to a better routine. Making better use of time. And more blogging!! Due to all the crazyiness I've taken hardly any pictures on my phone. And it's been harder to focus on happy as everything has been so all over the place! But I need to try harder.

I'm playing about with a new format thanks to the projectlife app finally being available. Oh how it makes me happy!!

1// school run. These will also be a bit manic but Monday's will be the day I get to enjoy them. I hope. 2// implementing small changes into our normal routine to include his "homework" reading. Changing when we do it to avoid overtired M and allow me to give him full attention before sorring the baby out for bed. 3// belvita and britmums sent a lovely box of goodies. Including a gift card for Costa. Oh yeah! 4// simple things. He loved building a tower taller than his brother. 5// happy photos happy moments happy cuddles. 6// a Saturday night treat dinner out at harvester. Celebrating M first week of school completed! So proud. 7/: handmade fair lovliness a fab day out enjoying browsing so many pretty things. 

Happy week everyone!

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