9 Sep 2014

Kitchen Adventures // Chocolate Jaffa Cupcakes

My big boy sees me baking a lot of the time. To him this is just normal behaviour (just like that he thinks all mummys knit!). As this is just the normal to him we do occasionally get the requests - mummy can we bake some cuppycakes please? Mostly I say no (as there is so many cakes a family of 4 can bake, eat etc) but on one particular day while little one was taking a nap - a rare occurrence at times. I gave in and said yes. We had been sent some icing sugar from Sugar & Crumbs which I talked about in my baking post at the weekend - The sell a range of natural flavoured icing sugars, cocoa powders and have just launched their chocolate icing sugar in 3 fantastic flavours - Chocolate Jaffa, Chocolate Milkshake and Black Forest. I've made butter cream with their flavoured icing sugars in the past - they create a really strong flavour and a lovely consistency. However the big boy attention span is sometimes lacking, as you would expect in a 4 year old. Instead I thought I would try making a glace icing with the chocolate icing sugar.

I mixed about 4 tablespoons of icing sugar with a tablespoon of milk. Mixed until a pourable consistency. M took great pleasure in drizzling the jaffa icing over the cakes ) - yes it went everywhere!! before decorating the cakes and most of the kitchen floor in sprinkles. The icing had a lovely glaze and set nice. On top of the vanilla cupcakes the chocolate icing upgraded these cakes. They were enjoyed by everyone (including the baby!)

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