11 Aug 2014


In general has been pretty good. The boys have behaved well together and apart

M took some down time today after a busy weekend. He does make laugh. How his brain works, how he sees the world. Everything is an adventure, an invention, a mission. His imagination is always whirring and planning. He ate his dinner well today of roast chicken - something he is not that keen on. 

N is an explorer. Disappearing out the room to be found heading for the toilet, his buggy or scaling the mountain of clean washing to reach the mirror. He is so quick and races after me. Good naps today. 

Not so happy thoughts. 

Bad flare up of TMJ and swollen face. Making me feel blah. // no crafting this evening due to pain. // no reading accomplished // clingy grumpy baby after bathtime // few bad points of backchat from M

Happy thoughts. 

I made my first Swiss roll // finished knitting a section from a project // cooked a lovely dinner // conpleted the food shop with minimum stress // cuddles with both boys // conversations with friends // good bedtimes // chocolate treats from hubby // positive tweets on my timeline 

Happy Monday. 

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