11 Aug 2014

#greatbloggersbakeoff2014 // cakes

Last year some lovely girls offered a blogging challenge to run alongside the TV programme. It was so popular were up and running again this year. 

Week one on the show is all about cake. Including a signature Swiss roll bake. I've never made a Swiss roll before but have it a go today. It was simpler than I thought. Quick too!!

M picked the filling. Cherry jam. 

And I had every intention of adding it with cream but we had a cream malfunction in the kitchen and instead I whipped up a chocolate buttercream using Sugar and Crumbs chocolate cherry cocoa powder. 
Resulting in an almost black forest flavours. I think I was overbaked slightly but overall rather yummy. And I will be trying to bake another too. 


  1. oooh yum cherry jam and chocolate buttercream filling! and i love that you had a helper on hand! thanks for joining in xx

  2. never ever made a swiss roll bake! will join in this week!