19 Aug 2014

Egg-cellent dinners.

What's full of protein, quick to prepare and versatile in the kitchen? Eggs!! That's what - they are full of great egg nutrition. However I am quite often always thinking that eggs need to be used as either a. Breakfast or b. cakes! Yup this is how my brain works. I always make sure we have at least dozen eggs in (mainly as whipping up a cake batter is a sure fire way to make me feel better plus entertain the eldest) but I must admit very rarely do I turn to them in times of planning dinner. But I'm thinking maybe I should. Not only are they yummy but low in calories too. Has to be a good thing right?

So from scouring the web and I have  come up with 6 possible egg based dinners which all sound yummy.

However my all time favourite dish with eggs - which quick and easy to make for one! Egg and chips - yum yum yum. Do share you egg dinners - I need some quick inspiration.

**this post was a PR collaboration with British Lion Eggs.

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