8 Aug 2014

August : Whats in my bag?

I have just recently moved back over from the "baby bag" to having an actual handbag! I am usually the one with a huge handbag - but I have downsized a bag for essentials and then if i need anything extra I have a lightweight bag. So this is what is in it....

A small reusable bag (the new m&s one - too cute) // peppermint tablets // purse // a cocktail umbrella from our recent trip to the Rio2 screening at London Zoo // handcream // body spray // kindle // change // two lipsticks // car key // oystercard // tramlink ticket from yesterday.

Thats rightnow what's in my bag - whats in yours.

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  1. I love your spotty purse too! Those little squashed up M&S bags look really handy, might have to get myself one! x

  2. I love your spotty purse! I'm enjoying having a small bag with just a few essentials in now my two are older too x

  3. I love the fact that you have a little umbrella in your bag :) put a smile on my face :)

  4. Oh my that tiny lipstick is so cute!! So is your bag!