7 Aug 2014

August : Top 10 playlist

Music is a big part if our household. 1000s songs on iTunes, radio or music channels play regularly. Both boys are big music fans too. M is just at the stage where he sings along, remembers words of songs, copies dance moves or able to request particular tracks. N is transfixed whenever music videos are. And K is music obsessed. Cannot do anything without picking music. 
We are eclectic in our musical taste see come from different childhood, embracing different cultures and well different parents each with their own musical tastes. Therefore we have both influenced each other in what music we play, enjoy and share. 

With that in mind my top 10 may seems little random...

1// Chakka Khan - Ain't Nobody // our wedding song. 
2// Take That - Greastest Day // reminds me of M birth. 
3// Sam Smith - Latch (accapela version) // beautiful lyrics and was playing in the operating thetre for N birth
4// Marvin Gaye - Heard it through the grapevine // Motown is a big part of my growing up. 
5//  The Beatles - Can't buy me love // my dad is a big Beatles fan and I have fond memories listening to these songs
6// R Kelly - Happy People // it just makes me smile. Fond memories. 
7// Livin Joy - Dreamer // makes me wanna jump up and down and dance. 
8// Lovestation - Teardrops // old school garage is a guilty pleasure of mine. 
9// Pharrell - Happy // love the feel of this song. Pure happiness 
10// Michael Jackson - smooth criminal // to be fair I wanted to pick him in general. I remember so many different songs from childhood, adulthood, nights out, car journeys etc. 

Right now. That's my list. It will like change next week. 

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