3 Aug 2014

August : introduction

Lovely mama over at outnumbered http://outmumbered.com/?tag=blog+everyday+challenge is challenging the crazy blog world to blog every day in August. I think I'm setting myself up for failure already but we shall see how well I get on hey?

As I'm a few days late coming to the party there's a few posts coming your way. 
About me. 

I'm from Croydon (or thereabouts) married to K (been together 13 years today, married for 3 this month) we have two boys, 9 months and 4 years old.  I'm going to be 31 this month. I work part time. I've for a degree in graphic design but now work in flexible be benefits. I worry ALOT. About everything. But I am trying to be a much more relaxed parent! I have lots of hobbies and way to attached to my iPhone. 


  1. Another worrier! Nice to meet you haha I love your fun photo collage :) I'm shedualing lots of posts to keep up ! X

    1. Fingers crossed we can keep each other up to date.

  2. Your kids age gap isn't much different from mine. Thanks so much for joining in, can't wait to see the rest of your posts! :) Your photo is so cute!