4 Aug 2014

August : In 10 years....

.... I will be turning 41.

Wow! That just sounds scary!

I hope that we are living somewhere fairly established, that we have put down roots, made something our own, that we have a garden, that we have a nice kitchen. I hope I am established well in my job - as well as continuing my hobbies and blogging on the side. I hope my passion for crafting grows and develops. That my job allows me to still enjoy these things. That the balance I have in life works for us. 

We will been together for 23 years and married for 13. I hope we still make each other smile. That we still love to just talk to each other. That we are the ones we turn to, when we need to feel calm, feel happy or just feel comforted. I hope that we are able to take holidays - more caravans, more trips abroad, more days out and more road trips. I hope that we still have fun together. I hope that we have strength and love to work through things, to face bad times together and rejoice in the good times.

M will be 14 (OMG!) I will have a teenage boy on my hands. He will be at secondary school. I hope he continues to love school. That he continues to use that amazing imagination of his. That it works in his favour. That he grows up to be respectful and caring. That he enjoys music and sport and has friends that help him grow not hinder him. I think that he will be tall - hope he still hugs his mummy and daddy. That he is still loving towards us. I hope enjoy being you. That you enjoy being with others and spending time with your family. I hope that we have a good bond, that you trust in me and I trust in you. I hope you and daddy continue to be buddies. I hope that you grow into being the best big brother and cousin you can be. That you look after them, care for them and still continue to play with them. I hope you continue to be you.

N will be 10 - nearing the end of your primary school educating about to start secondary. I look forward to seeing you grow, mature, change and become a little boy. You already have such a cheeky character, I hope this continues to grow. I hope your not too much of a pickle with your brother - but that you give as good as you get. I hope you find your place in this world, you find the things you love, that you are your person and that person is one that you are proud to be.

I hope our family of 4 is steady and stable. That is full of love and laughter. That we provide a happy home for our boys. That we are always there for them and helping them become young men.

I hope I feel happy. 

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