11 Aug 2014

August : Bucket List Progress

I love quite a slow paced life. I don't crave a fact paced highly traveled one. I like my home. I like being knowing the deal. I like my simple life. In thinking of this I don't think id have a very interesting bucket list. Well not interesting to others at least. 

Some things I'm proud to have done in my lifetime though. 

1// Confidence in driving. I learnt to drive and passed my test before my 18th birthday. But I hated it. I drove places I knew. Stuck to simple routes. Never drove too far. I was such a nervous driver. The thought of going on the motorway scared the life out of me. Now 13 years later it's a different story. I will not hesitate of driving. In the past few years I've done drives to Nottingham, Leeds, Leicester and the South coast. I've tackled the M25 numerous occasions. I've driven in London too - including last Monday where I drove from Croydon to Regents Park- right through the city. Yup I did that. I am no way a perfect driver but I have much more confidence in my ability to be able to tackle these journeys. 

2// lose some weight. After having M and before falling pregnant with N I managed to lose 3 stone. I changed my lifestyle. I am not slim. I never will be. But I am happy with my curves. I need to lose more now to get back to the wedding weight but it will be slow. I'm a busy mum always with a million things going on. It will happen. 

3// Learn to cook. When I first moved out with K maybe 6/7 years ago now, my cooking skills was zero. I could make eggy bread, cheese and pasta and grill some bacon. That all changed years later. I would say I am a confident cook. I like to experiment. I can take a few ingriednets in the fridge and whip up a quick dinner, I can cook a full on roast for 6, I can prep, cook and prepare a Buffet of food for house guests, I can follow a recipe, I can adapt a recipe or I can just make it up completely. Not only is my cooking better, I am more willing to try new things. 

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