4 Aug 2014

August : 20 facts about me

1. I'm addicted to diet coke. If there is none or very little in the house. This. Is. A. Problem. 
2. I own two sewing machines. But I am terrified about using them. 
3. I love cookbooks and own too many. 
4. I love cold roast potatoes. 
5. I have 6 tattoes. 
6. Our wedding first dance was chakka khan. Ain't nobody. 
7. I have lots of hobbies. 
8. Some of my closest friends are ones I met online. 
9. I am glued to my iPhone. A sad addiction. 
10. Currently have over 6,000 pictures on my phone. 
11. I am an early riser by nature (my kids test this by starting the mornings before 6! I am not that much of an early riser.
12. I have a sweet tooth and could quite happily have dessert for dinner. My weight however could not!
13. I cannot ride a bike. My balance sucks. 
14. I have murder she wrote on series link. 
15. Love a glass of wine. But thinking I should broaden my tastes and try g&t. That's what mums drink right?
16. Have had in the past my belly button and nose pieced. Still have my ears and tragus pierced. 
17. I've never read a classic novel - I read trash or murder mysteries. I always think I should read classics. 
18. Am quite a fussy eater but this is improving the older I get. 
19. I'm a size 5 in most shoes. 
20. I always wanted to be a wife and mother. 

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  1. Ohh I want more tattoos! Great list of things I'm the total opposite of early riser argh! Lol x

  2. Cold roast potatoes? Sacrilege! Lol. We have a few things in common including a few friends who are the closest that I've met online. In fact my bestie Kendra lives in Canada and we were penpals first, fb friends after and now we skype once a week and I could tell her anything. We havent met in real life though.