8 Aug 2014

August : 15 things which make me happy.

Apart from the obvious ....

1// book shops. I'm a kindle reader but still love a book shop.
2// ice cold diet coke.
3// freshly washed hair.
4// being able to do one of my many hobbies.
5// getting the kids to bed early. Always feels like I've won the lottery 
6// a tidy front room 
7// a full fridge 
8// buying new yarn
9// new notebooks and pens. 
10// hot hot showers (in peace)
11// cups of tea and frothy lattes
12// a well baked, well risen cake
13// photos. Taking, looking, sharing. 
14// ice cream 
15// a glass of wine 

Another www.outmumbered.com blog inspiration! 😘

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