23 Jul 2014

Love this week #7

bit later than usual.

1// summer days means the doors and windows have been opened wide. we spent a few hours chilling on the balcony and checking out the growing crops.  2// an unexpected but wonderful morning chatting with one of my loveliest friends while our kids ran riot on a very quiet playpark. We don't get together that often but our kids get along so well - they love seeing each other.  3// M school celebrated its 40th anniversary and the school put a performance for parents and carers. Watching my big boy sing and dance with his classmates was lovely - made me feel like a mum.  4// Little one is getting more confident on his feet and has been exploring a lot more.  5// getting all creative in preparation for little mans christening  6// finally this week a not perfect but lovely family photo. Love my boys dearly.

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