14 Jul 2014

Love this week #6

1// its been a hard week with my big boy. hes a real ball of energy all the time. However this week has also seen lots of cuddles and laughs and giggles. He really is such a character.
2// and well this cheeky monkey is just getting cheekier, and cuter. Even if I do say s myself.
3// Talking of little man - well his exploring has gone up a level. Still on the commando crawling but will pull him self up on things, reach for things and we have had a few cruising steps along the sofa.
4// I finished off my square for my Once Upon a time sampler - so I picked up by Halloweentown sampler, its such a little relaxing things to do. I am enjoying it lots. Helps that the patterns are super cute.
5// Big boy has been working on his writing and maths skills at home a lot more. Its been lovely to watch him try and take an interest in learning.
6// Finally this weekend we had 3 birthday parties to attend. 3!! All preschool friends. Big boy had such fun playing with his friends and was lovely to watch there little friendships.

To be honest, last week has been hard slog. But it felt good looking back over my pictures from last week and finding some happy things to make me smile. 

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