7 Jul 2014

Love this week #5

1// little man turning 8 months. he really is into exploring everywhere now and has mastered the commando crawling - and is pretty fast too.
2// it was the school fair and it was my first step into helping out the PTA. M had so much fun showing his daddy around the school - and even won some sweets.
3// we had a night out on Saturday to celebrate a friends 30th birthday. lots of wine and champagne before getting home and finding that our eldest had insisted on staying awake. he missed us.
4// school has meant so much to M he has really grown in many ways with the structure school has provided for him. I'm sure once September comes we will continue to see more changes in him - I just hope they stay positive. We have been lucky that within this past year we have also made good friends. Friends that will happily collect, watch and feed each others children. I did exactly that this week for a friend. M has so much fun having his friends round for a little playdate. We are very lucky.
5// It has been hot hot hot this past week and managed to have an afternoon splash in the paddling pool with his cousin. There is 2 months between the little boys and I think they will be handful together!
6// I finished the princess and the pea square! love how it as turned out. Now onto thumbelina.

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