14 Jul 2014

Little adventures : school

This past year has been a learning curve. For both me and my eldest. I've been sucked into the world of school runs, uniform washing, parents evening and small talk in the playground.

He has developed and changed so much. He has grown up. He has gone from a 3 year old with attention span that is so short by the time you finished saying his name he's forgotten your talking to him. Into a 4 year old which granted he still has a short attention span, but he take things in, can write his name, count to over 20, do simple maths problems, knows most of his phonics, can recognise letters and can reason and ask questions. His imagination has soared his thinking and ability to make stories and play is a beautiful thing.

Being sucked into a world of school has opened my eyes to me. Has changed the way I see things. It's made me look at the adventures we can experience everyday. The way his world is both so small and so big at the same time. The littlest thing can have the biggest impact in his life. Each walk to and from school we find new things to talk about, to see and to look at it. Things like the colours of front doors or cars, the number on the doors, the letters on number plates, spotting insects and bugs in the bushes, counting the flowers and pretending to be a superhero.

Each day home from school we have a snack. Trying to make this fun too. Whether it's a yoghurt "sundae" he puts together with fruit, biscuits and cereal. Or a fruit salad. Or at the moment his current favorite has been Barney bears. I like being able to offer something fun. Something yummy. And something which will not fill him up. A little treat. Not everyday. But every now and again.

Making everything you do an adventure means I appreciate all kinds of things. Like him being able to dress himself (and pretending that it's his superboots) or brushing his teeth before school. It's been a learning curve for both. New routines. New things.

I will miss this when I am back at work. But it will be yet another new adventure round the corner.

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  1. Our eldest starts school in Sep and we have been told to expect big changes in her. To be honest she is ready for it and am lookong forward to seeing her develop and grow :-)