24 Jul 2014

Kitchen Adventures : Lamb mince = two meals

It was in all fairness supposed to be 3 meals - but the mince did not last that long!! Instead I managed two meals, bot happily eaten by both boys. I must get some kind of mummy points for that.

First meal. Lamb and carrot meatballs. I grated a carrot and mixed in with the mince along with some BBQ sauce. Once all squished together I rolled them into small meatballs and into some cruchy coating. I fried them first to get a nice crunch before finishing off the cooking in oven. Served with couscous and peas - with added broccilli on the side. They were yummy and the carrot gave them a nice sweetness, which went down well with the boys.

Second meal (which made a lot of mince - so much that I was able to freeze some for a small serving for N). Fry onions until soft, add mince and fry until browned - drain off some oil if too much fat. I added gravy and a couple of handfuls of mixed frozen vegetables to the pan. Cook until all combined and cooked through. To make it the cheats version - I baked potatoes in the oven for an hour - cut in half and mashed the potato together with some butter in the skins. Topped with cheese and popped back in the oven to melt. 

Mince seems to be a dinner choice for the boys - quick to cook and soft for M who is a rather fussy eater and in small pieces which is great for N to pick up and eat. I was planning as my 3rd meal to make some child friendly tacos. Another time i'm sure.

Happy cooking.

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