3 Jul 2014

Kitchen Adventures : Banana Cake

I quite often seem to be left with a fruit bowl of blackening bananas - pretty sure I am not alone on this front. Rather than baking a banana bread as such I opted for a lighter cake - flavoured with banana and sprinkled with oats. Everyone enjoyed this little treat - including the baby. This is also a really simple recipe that the kids could help get it done. You could also pop the mixture into muffin cases as well to make some banana flavoured fairy cakes. (maybe topped with some cream cheese or peanut butter frosting!)

80g of butter (I use stork - I keep my fridge stocked up with a big tub of this)
3 squidgy soft bananas
140g light brown sugar
1 egg beaten
250g self raising flour
1tsp baking powder
1 tbsp of milk

Preheat the over to fan 160c. I greased a circular baking tin with some extra butter.

Mash the bananas in a bowl and add the butter. Mash them both together - it will be lumpy!

Add sugar and egg and mix. Add flour and baking powder. Mix together. It will be quite lumpy.

Pour into tin and sprinkle with oats and sugar.

Bake for 20mins then check that it is golden and cooked through.

A lovely light cake to have with a cuppa.

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