10 Jul 2014

Brothers : June 2014

This month I have really witnessed the pair of you playing more together. N is so interested in what his brother is up to - and can now move at a pretty impressive pace to get to things his brother is playing with. M has been more thoughtful and understanding over his brothers needs - whether this is sharing his crisps with him, or finding him a toy to play with. N has started doing "kisses" well mouth open leaning in to the face - at least. And he does this mostly toward his brother and his cousin. M loves to give him cuddles.

In the midst of all the positivity - with N now moving we are starting to experience the " but hes touching my toys" or "I was playing with that" Explaining to M he must share as these are no longer his toys specifically they are the boys toys, but also telling N no when he is zeroing in on the smallest playmobil pieces. Teaching both the boys that some things are for one and not the other. This month I got another box from Ikea to be able to put the Duplo separate to the Lego - to ensure we have some toys that both boys can play with together. It will be more of a learning curve as they get bigger and the sharing of things and time will become more apparent.

It is lovely to see them so loving towards each other. N is aways watching his brother and smiles as he make silly faces at him. I've had a few nights this past month with the boys curled up with each other asleep in our bed. I hope this continues. 

My lovely boys. Well most of the time.

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