13 Jun 2014

park play fun

The sunshine has come out to play down here in greater London town!! and it has been glorious. The sun shining makes the school run, or shop trips so much more bearable!!

We are very lucky where we live to 1. live right next door to a beautiful park 2. live really close to a fair few other fab parks. What makes park trips more fun - is the unexpected unplanned ones. We were stopping off to pick up milk (forever buying milk) and the sun was shining so off we trotted into this lovely local park.

 This was big man first go on the zip wire - he loved it so much and kept saying he was like spiderman flying through the streets of New York - huge smiles and squeals of delight.
 He loved spending time with his daddy. They have a wonderful relationship. This park has a little kids castle ruins for climbing on. They were looking out for their enemies here, surveying their land. Making sure their castle was safe and that their weapons were ready for attack.
 Another first for big boy - the climbing wall. And he managed all by himself. His coordination is improving greatly!! And was a perfect vantage point for making sure his enemies were kept at bay. His imagination astounds me on a daily basis. Just hope it stays - you never know he could be a book author in the making!!
It really was a lovely Sunday morning with my boys (little one slept the whole time!)

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