11 Jun 2014

N @ 7 Months

At 7 months old. 

You sleep (well kind of) in your cot most of the night. You like going to sleep with a dummy and "muzzie" to snuggle against. It's two things I cannot leave the house without. 

You nap about 3 times a day but never for very long. Your naps are taken in various places - your buggy, M's bed, our bed, the sofa, the car, on me. Never in your cot. 

You can roll and wiggle about all over the place, you sit up really well and get very annoyed when you happen to slip down.

You love all things which are not your toys. This includes your brothers action figures, phones and remote controls, a fly swat, nappies and wet wipes packs. You get very worked up and love having cuddles. You enjoy standing in your walker and moving about the place. 

You love to eat- you have taken to eating food so well. Anything and everything you devour. You love cheese, sausages and pretty much anything anyone else is eating. You have 3 bottles of 7 oz a day but you don't always finish it. 

You are not keen on wearing socks and shoes. You'll drink water no problem. 

You have two little teeth. Your brother makes you smile and you want to be with people all the time. And you have started to wave. 

You are not keen on buddy the dog - as he steals your food. 

You get called 'thaniel, thanielpants, pickle, nat, natnat. 

Your a happy little thing.

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