7 Jun 2014

Love - This Week

A little bit of positivity from my iphone pictures this week.

1// M is getting so independent. He is growing so quickly and into a proper little boy. We encourage him more and more to do things on his own. This includes making his bed, getting his uniform ready, getting himself dressed and getting himself washed. He has also taken to (usually when I am too slow) to making his own lunch. I happy to encourage the choices of what he picks for lunch. He was so proud of himself.

2// N is now 7 months old - my happy little happy. Smiley (most of the time) little boy.

3//M learning so much at school now. He is all of sudden soaking up things, taking things in and able to answer questions really well. I'm so pleased to see his knowledge grow (and I am hoping the WHY for everything I ask will soon change into asking questions about things rather than a general WHY) We did some learning from home and he picked the things to draw in each box.

4// Blue skies. Its been a tough sleep week with lots of nights of musical beds and early mornings. To brush out the cobwebs I managed a nice long walk while M was a school in the sunshine. That vitamin D helping things seem better.

5// Cross stitch progress. I am loving how this project is coming together. It really does make me smile.

6// A little treat from hubby. I went to bed early one night while he went to the gym. Woke up in the morning to find a bag of malteasers. It really is the little things in life.

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