30 Jun 2014

Love this week #4

1// taking time out to look around on our walk to school - big man loves wish flowers (dandelions) as blowing them making people wishes come true - according to him at least.

2// I started a new cross stitch project! Not like I don't have enough projects on the go! This one is a cute little Halloween town from the talented ladies over at The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.

3// new paints following a quick visit to Ikea these are lovely and bright colours and have a nib end making them really easy for M to apply to the paper.

4// I had a little day trip to London town with smallest for a interesting event with andrex. I got the train into Victoria and rather than battle on off tube with baby in muggy heat who only wanted to sleep - I walked up to Trafalgar square. We took in the sights along Buckingham Palace and a leisurely stroll along the Mall.

5// Little man has obsession with his daddy's glasses. He wants them. Fact. Clever little munchkin will take daddy's glasses, get told no don't do that and then goes in for a kiss - cheeky.

6// Had a little drive out with the boys to bluewater on Saturday. Me and K are "City People" i guess you would say. Sure we love trips to the beach, or country side wanders - but we are also perfectly happy walking round a shopping centre. ALSO the weather here on Saturday was crazy rain. We had lunch out, bought a few bits and then my fave part picked up dine in for £10 from M&S - oh how I love M&S.

hope your week was lovely too.

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