23 Jun 2014

Love this week #3

1// homemade ice lollies makes one happy little one. I shall be experimenting more with some yummyness for the boys (and me and hubby too!) but for now a carton of smoothie mixture frozen into lollies makes a winning combination.

2// a finished knitted object. this little cardigan has been gifted to a lovely friend who is expecting her first little bundle. This cardigan is lovely and soft and yay me for finishing a knitted object - this is a rare occurrence.

3// chilling with my boys is rather lovely. They both love spending time with me too - i know as they get older this will not always be the case. But for now the cuddles and giggles are pretty lovely.

4// had to get big man some new wellies (in prep for his first school trip!) He then insisted on wearing his 'power boots' with his PJ's most of the weekend. What is it with kids and wellingtons?

5// dinner out at TGI's with the family. This dessert was epic, the kids well behaved and the meal was lovely. A nice Sunday.

6// just me. I am struggling a little with the whole post baby getting back eating better and feeling healthy thing. I am not back at my wedding weight, my tummy is very saggy, I don't feel that comfortable with myself - but it is getting better. I am trying to make better choices and actually workout most days following a youtube video. Just hope the scales start showing this soon.

That was my last week - via instagram (well some of my fave shots at least!)


  1. Lovely photos, that dessert does look so good! Well done on creating your cardigan for your friends baby it looks so tiny and cute!x

  2. love the photos, can I recommend mullerlight yoghurts frozen in the lolly moulds? particularly the greek style ones. they're seriously tasty!