10 Jun 2014

Kitchen Adventures : Oven Baked (kind of) Frittata

Another one of my "quick I need to rustle something up whats in the fridge" dinners this week. And this one sure was yummy - I had every intention of leaving some for leftovers but it was too good and we ate it all....


*Leftover boiled new potatoes
*Bunch of Asparagus
*Spicy Chorizo
*Red Peppers
*Light double cream

First up fry the onions until soft - add in the peppers and asparagus. Quick sizzle in the pan. Add into a oven proof dish. Then fry up the potatoes and choirzo in the pan until starting to brown and crisp. Mix together the eggs (I had 4 which needed using) and mixed with a small tub of cream. Pour the potatoes and choirzo into the dish - mix with veg. Pour the eggs and cream on top and mix together.

Bake in the oven until firm and golden on top. Slice and serve with a salad. It was sooooo good.

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