6 Jun 2014

Kitchen Adventures : Krispie Chicken Bites

There are times inspiration strikes me in the kitchen - these times are few and far between. There are also times when the things I cook in the kitchen are purely based on what is the fridge or cupboards and needs to be used. A kitchen adventure bore out of the need to feed the family. The latter being what was required this week.

We had some chicken breast chunks which needed cooking ASAP and children that required dinner. The inspiration that struck included a couple of mini boxes of rice krispies (left over from our recent caravan holiday) - and krispie chicken bites were born.

I poured the rice krispies into a bowl and gave them a bit of crunch with my hands, added in some Schwartz Chicken Chargrill seasoning too for flavour. The chicken breast chunks were then dunked in flour and dipped in egg before getting a nice crunchy krispie coating.

I baked them in the oven for about 20 minutes on 180 (fan) - sprayed them with a little oil on the top. I use my Pampered Chef Stoneware to cook nearly EVERYTHING in - so they didn't stick on the bottom and there was no need for oil on the bottom either.

They were really light in texture once cooked. In fact the little on wolfed it down. The rest of us all agreed they were pretty scrummy too. It nice when an experiment turns out ok in the end.

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