12 Jun 2014

Brother Love : May 2014

One of the most loveliest things of being your mum is watching you to interact. I'm sure as you grow older there will be bigger disagreements, arguments and fights - I am not that naive to think your childhood would be absent of this. But watching you two be brothers is quite lovely.

As N get older and more aware of his surroundings its been great to watch. N gets super excited when he sees M - whether if that is first thing in the morning or when he gets out of school. He starts jumping and arms waving. His legs start moving and the biggest smile on his face. M always says hello to him after school pick up. He is so funny as he copies so much of what I say to N. So funny.

Throughout the day you do things separately. M watching the kindle (though if N is there he definitely wants in on that action!) or playing with lego. And N rolling about the place or having a cuddle. But watching you interact together is my favourite thing. M getting out ALL the toys in the world for N or singing to him when he is upset. Giving him a cuddle in the bath or saying good night to him. The little phrases I hear throughout the day are things like "I think my brother needs me" "I love my brother" "Hey little squisher" These little things make me smile.

I hope your relationship grows well. Me and your dad will love you both forever and always.

Love my boys.

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