24 Jun 2014

5 handy tips for surviving sickness bugs..

Last week all 3 of the boys in this house came down with sickness bugs - yes all 3 of them. In various stages. We had extreme down to minor - all under one roof. And here is some of the ways I survived these days of what I like to refer to it as "the plague"

1. Have your sick bucket ready. Its key to make sure you have one in your house (sure this was no good when the boys threw up in the their beds!!) but it was useful once the big poorly boy was curled on the sofa next to me all night and was waking at intervals!! At least having a bucket close by ensured no urgent dashes to get him to the toilet. Also have some rubber gloves. A necessity for chief sick cleaner upper.

2. Wet wipes, clean towels, bottles of water, calpol (or for the bigger people painkillers) are all a must to keep at hand. I set up camp in the front room and have the things next to me. Also covering the sofa and the immediate floor in towels means at least its just a towel to get clean rather than a whole sofa to attempt to wash.

3. Have distractions at hand. When feeling poorly, scared and awake at some crazy time in the morning - putting the tv on low for something to look at was useful. Kept big boy mind off the fact he had been sick - and was also useful for big hubby when feeling sorry for himself on the sofa.

4. Let them sleep. The sleep is good - peace and quiet for you and their bodies are repairing themselves. Offer fluids when they wake and in the mean time while they sleep do something to take your mind of the impending washing or another bout of unwellness.

5. Clean as you go, spray disinfectant about, wipe down handles, wash towels in bathroom. all the sensible steps you would think off. Get those germs and clean it up. Eliminate the bugs.

and finally a little bonus.

DON'T STRESS ABOUT FOOD. This one I do a lot. But we shouldn't. Offer light food, keep the fluids up and the appetite will return. And ginger beer - good for the grown ups and getting rid of the sick feeling.

Any other tips I should know about - ready for when the plague comes back!? Which I'm hoping will not be any time soon!!

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