29 May 2014

Kitchen Adventures : Rocky Road

I got fed up and looking at the Easter Eggs on top of the fridge, and fed up of trying not to eat them all. To curb this, I whipped up some Rocky Road - and took it to our parents houses which we visited over the weekend. Therefore - using up chocolate and getting it out of our house.

I tried to us up stuff already in the house. Which was:

*4 small easter eggs 
*2 medium easter eggs
* one generous handful of mini marshmallows
* one handful of raisins
* half a pack of rich tea smashed up
* whatever bits were in the middle of easter eggs - this is included some white buttons and some Jazzies (White buttons with sprinkles)
*squeeze of golden syrup
*teaspoon of butter.

Whizzed the chocolate in the microwave until molten - added the butter and stirred through - through everything else in then put into a dish covered in cling film to set in the fridge.

Once set I cut into small squares (to eliminate eating huge ones) Its nice and rich and gives you that chocolate hit.

Yummy indeed. Some experimentation I think may be in order for some varitions. Which is really not helping the use up all the chocolate if I am already thinking about buying more chocolate to make more. Aw well.

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