16 May 2014

Imaginative Play : Pirates

Life moves pretty fast, if you don;t slow down and enjoy in the moment it will pass.

Sometimes you can get bogged down by the rules and constraints of how you believe things should play out. I know do. I feel a sense of guilt we do not have more money, more space, a garden ( the list continues) to offer our boys - but I need to try and remember that actually they do not need all of this. The things they need are parents who will take the time to play, indulge them with time and love and just be a parent to them. ( as i do believe there is a line between being a friend to your child and a parent.)

This past weekend we did this.

We played pirates. 

And boy oh boy did M have fun. They pretended his bed was the jolly Rodger. I used an eye liner pencil to create a moustache. Made an eye patch out of some paper and some ribbon. They drew a treasure map and made a treasure chest ( no pictures of those we were spending too much time just having fun!) It was a fun filled few hours of imaginative play - jumping from cushion to cushion to escape the crocodile, searching for treasure and just having fun.

I wonder where we will go next.

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