23 May 2014

I Wish #1

I love window shopping and browsing - whether that is in a real life store on just online. I could spend hour browsing sites and thinking "if only I had the money, I wish." I have ideas ( mainly in the middle of the night when up with the baby) and think o let me just look - I google, I browse ebay, I hit up amazon and then search through dreamily at pages of pretty things that we don't need but oh boy I wish I had them. I am sure I am not the only one - I mean thats a lot on what pinterest is right?

Today i'm going to share the 12 most recent adds to amazon wishlist - I love amazon browsing as it suggests other things others have browsed or found. Instant gratification.

 Starting at the top and clockwise.

1// The Happiness Project The Once Sentence Journal for Mothers -  This book has 365 quotes or questions with the spaces to right in over a 5 year period. I love the idea of recording a little piece of your life and what is going on it. Especially as the questions and quotes are geared towards motherhood. I also love the written word, holding a pen and notebook is something which makes me happy.

2// Q&A Our 3 Year Journal for 2 people - A similar concept to the happiness project. Except this spans 3 years and ask question aimed at being a couple. The idea behind it is that both people of the couple answer the question.

3// Q&A a day for Kids - 365 questions to ask your child and record the answer - again spanning a 3 year period. An amazing way o document change in your child, seeing them grow watching there interests blossom and change. A lovely thing to pass onto them as well once completed. Would be like looking back at old dairies or school books and seeing how you saw the world.

4// 642 Things to Write about - I spend time toying with the idea and being a better writer, writing a story - then I spend far too long browsing pinterest on blogs for writing prompts!! This book looks fun and a way to boost some confidence when it comes to sitting down and writing. Rather than just think about writing and decide its stupid and move onto looking at something else.

5// Creative Family Home - A book that is said to inspire your living spaces. Taking into account a family - so not just a place that can be kept beautifully tidy. A place which at certain points in the day is strewn with toys, and cars and various drawing equipment. That deals with naps, and meltdowns, and snack times, and turning the sofa into a pirate ship times.

6 // HOME - 25 Inspiring Projects for your Home - I love a good craft book and this one well to be honest the cover looks so pretty - it makes me want to find out more. I may be one I'll keep an eye out on my travels as there is not much mention on what the craft projects actually are.

7// Hand in Hand - I love getting creative, and this book looks just lovely of projects I can do with M. Now he is getting bigger he is more willing and more interested in what goes on around him. He knows I knit and crochet and stitch ( in fact he quite often asks people - did you mummy knit that hat? I suppose in his world that what all mums do. The projects in here look lovely, photographed well and inspiring words. 

8// Craft-a-doodle - I;ve always enjoyed doodling ( my work notebooks are usually littered with spirals and blocks and randomness, helps focus my mind sometimes) This book looks really fun in helping encourage that enjoyment and helping it grow and adapt. And who knows where it might lead.

9// Knit Nordic - Another weakness, knitting books. I am such a slow knitter. It takes me ages to complete anything, however that does not stop me swooning over books or magazines filled with gorgeous projects. This one focusing a lot on colourwork knitting, something which I am not familiar with - therefore I am in awe of.

10// Sock knitting masterclass - Oh how I enjoy knitting socks - confession though I have only really knitted basic socks. This books takes you through the steps of understanding more on how it is constructed, experimenting with different stitches - taking you through the steps of different designs, heel flaps and construction.

11// Leuchtturm1917 line a day diary-  like the Q&A ones, except no questions, no prompts just a place to write something a word a memory a story a thought  - just something about your story.

12// Knit the Alphabet - oh I swooned when I saw this. I love letters and initials. Oh I dearly want this book in my collection. The whole alphabet in 3D knitted form. Yes please!!

Spreading a little bit of booklove. Any one have any of the above, any reviews or suggestions based on them - let me know.

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