27 May 2014

Holiday time

Last week we set off on our first little break as a family of four. We booked an awesome late deal with Haven Holidays to stay in a 3 bed caravan at Caister holiday park in Great Yarmouth. This was a site I stayed many of times in my childhood, a place that holds many a happy memories for me.

We headed off Monday morning and started our about 3 hour journey up North (from us anyway!) Due to a traffic accident and road closures this journey took us a little longer than planned. Last year we did a similar break away which was all brand new to M - this year however his excitement level was set at Maximum!!! And we had plenty of - are we there yet?

As we arrived later than planned we delayed our planned trip to the supermarket and opted for stocking up on a couple of essentials on site and having dinner out. M was a ready to burst with excitement. His energy level was on high alert. ( this lasted for a good couple of days - including meltdowns, tantrums you name it we had it)

Little man took it all in his stride - he such a chilled out little thing. 

The campsite was lovely with a pool with a couple of slides, a couple of play parks, a nice restaurant, an arcade, a live lounge and bar for the evening and a little shop. Plus various other activities on site (like a sports pitch, crazy golf, helter skeltar and bike hire) Our caravan was a good size and we had lots of room to move about - i even managed to keep up with my morning workouts!! We had hired a high chair which was fab and a travel cot- which we didn't even use, we opted for co sleeping. In fact me and hubby took it turns to sleep in the double bed with the kids.

We ventured out and about a couple of times to the seafront and pier plus the local market and shops. It was a lovely if slightly ageing and dated town. Full of boarded up shops, seaside memorabilia, rock shops and we heart London t-shirts. It had ice cream stalls, and local restaurants - with sticky floors and plastic table covering serving mugs of tea and deep fried chips. We visited a little diner on the front one day - next to the "joyland" which is a little park with rides aimed at the younger clientele. (I have memories of visiting here as a child and not much has changed) The diner was a lovely - with a fun menu, yummy chips and booth seats. The coffee was pretty good too. And for every £15 spent you got a token to ride in the park - which was a nice surprise. We went on a little snail rollercoaster - one that I went round and round as a child. M squealed with delight! 

It was lovely wondering about with no agenda. Taking the day as it comes. Packing the kids into the car, wandering along the seafront, looking out at the waves, Watching M run ahead, seeing N looking about at the people and smiling. Yes the caravan was not the most comfortable nights sleep me and hubby have ever had but the kids had a blast.

M favourite thing of the whole holiday was going to the "disco" in the evening. The entertainment was really good and all the staff were great with the kids. We would get there for 6 when it would be a story time with one of the seaside squad (M's fave being Rory the tiger, closely followed by DJ Ned) After the story it would be games, dancing, singing and fun. M was insistent he did not require either me or hubby on the dance floor with him. So we sat at a table with N, eagle eyed watching him - all while sipping a rather nice glass of wine. Little man was so excited by the lights and the noise.

Overall we had a lovely time. Long gone are the holidays were I read 3 books in a week, out partying until the early hours, catching a nap in the middle of the day and waking up late. Now its up watching cbeebies (yay for the TV having that channel) while cooking a breakfast for 4, gulping down cups of tea, packing up the bags for the day, walking along windswept beaches, while scouting out places for lunch, before afternoon activity of swimming or play park - followed by a night at the disco and home by 8 - tucking the kids into bed and pouring a glass of wine - before falling asleep on the sofa and deciding which parent gets to share the bed with the children. It was fun. 

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  1. This brought back such happy memories of holidays with my two when they were that age. We have now gone full circle and hubby and I are holidaying on our own again, reading books, sleeping in and lazing on the beach. Having said that, this year we also went away with our two for a week (they are 23 and 25) and we had the most fantastic time - and my son is STILL an early riser and was up at 6 each morning, I only now he entertains himself. Enjoy these wonderful times with your two xx