5 May 2014

Food shopping : Morrisons

I'm feeling rather lucky lady.

The lovely ladies over at Britmums sent out some of us bloggers out there a nice little envelope of vouchers to go and hit the supermarket at Morrisons. How exciting ( also i would like to add I was SUPER excited to go do the food shop - I'm sad like that!)

I made a sort of list - but had more intentions on checking out the offers while there. I planned a few things we needed, a few things we would like - grabbed the kids the hubby and the reusable shopping bags ready to hit the shops. 

I am a fan of Morrisons - I love their meat and fruit and veg they offer. In fact both my parents and my in laws are recent converts to Morrisons. As much as we like Morrisons there was not one that close to us - this all changed in the past 6 months when a brand sparkly new store opened up just round the corner. 

And now, my first video!! Showing you exactly what we bought with our £80 vouchers. I treated the vouchers as we would just approach our normal food shop. We don't have a garden, and as much as we love a BBQ its not really an option at our place (however the next BBQ at our parents I will be heading there to pick up some yummyness for sure)

I'll be putting together some more videos of what we get up to with our food shop later in the week.

Happy bank holiday


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  1. Wow- you managed to get loads with your vouchers! I love seeing what other people buy at the supermarket! Thanks for submitting your post to the BritMums Video Round-up, I will use it in May!
    Nadine (www.JuggleMum.com)