4 May 2014

Easter Holidays

I survived my first two week Easter break with both kids! Believe me I was a little wary at the beginning of the holiday - but it actually passed a lot quicker than I thought - and cheaper than I was expecting. We kept things simple, some days indoors and some cheap outdoor fun too.

Fun and games indoors - including raiding the craft drawer and a spot of junk modelling and some indoor camping (which kept big entertained for a surprisingly long time, insisting on eating his lunch in there)
We live in a flat so do not have a garden. However we live right next door to a lovely park (one of the reasons we love this flat) which was offering a bug hunt for the kids during the holiday. It was £3 and big really enjoyed it. They supplied a bug hunt back pack which had all sorts of fun things in it to do. The weather was lovely - We followed this up with a little picnic on the walk back home while little napped.

Baking, another fun activity that is indoors. We whipped up some basic vanilla sponges and used ready made strawberry and chocolate frosting and various sweets and raisins in our sweetie drawer.
Luckily the weather was lovely so lots of outdoors (free) fun at local parks and playgrounds. Perfect for a couple of hours fun. I always packed a lunch for M and made sure I had the picnic blanket on the bottom of the buggy too. 
Seeing as it was Easter break we also did some Easter activities - making Easter hats, Easter baskets and chocolate nests. All went down well with big - especially the chocolate eggs!!

Lots of fun just being together. Making the most of the sunshine but also enjoying being at home too. It really was a couple of weeks full of the little things.

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