13 May 2014

A week in my life 2014 - Monday 5th May - Sunday 11th May






Key notes from my life right now.

  • I am 30, hubby is 33, M is 4 and N is 6 months
  • M goes to school nursery every afternoon. and loves it
  • K is working with his dad. I am on maternity leave.
  • M is a happy if independent little man, he s learning more about the world around him and learning what buttons he can press and where his boundaries lie. He loves watching films and TV programmes. He loves superheroes and imaginative play. He creates stories all the time. He has lots of energy - most of the time!!! He will fall asleep in all sorts of places when he is tired. He likes to help. He loves playing with his daddy. His eating is not great, and is very resistant to try new things. Mealtimes are quite often a battle ground. He goes to sleep well but very often ends up in our bed.
  • N is funny little thing. He is a right smiler. He has no teeth and enjoys his food except when he s tired. He is having 4 bottles a day at around 8oz each time plus 3 meals. He goes to sleep in his own bed but quite regularly ends up in ours. He is a bit clingy and loves being held - especially by his mummy!! He is rolling and moving about. He is sitting up well. He smiles when he sees his brother which is lovely to see.
  • K works 5 days a week. He is out the house early and most nights home late. Its tough but its his job. He drives a long way to work and travels all over the place for his job. He tries to work out at least every day- whether this is at home, in the gym, going for a walk or a bike ride. He enjoys watching TV and currently re watching game of thrones - in preparation for the new season. He is trying to eat better and has lost 3 stone in under a year. 
  • I am at home on maternity leave at the moment. I am usually up early to shower/work out and usually go to bed earlier than K. I am tired being up in the night with the boys. I drink too much tea and diet coke. I try very hard not to eat too many biscuits. I fail at this. I enjoy watching murder she wrote and various other murder mysteries on TV. Currently obsessed with Once Upon a time (after catching up via lovefilm) I have too many craft projects on the go. 
  • We are mainly happy. Just a normal family.

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