2 Apr 2014

What I wish I knew....

When starting a family. When being pregnant. When becoming a mum. When becoming a mum of two.

* that when buying things for yourself you will feel guility. And work out in your head what you could of bought the kids instead. 

* that a relaxing evening now counts as both kids being in bed by 9 and managing to have a conversation with hubby before bed. 

* that being pregnant will be a huge rollercoaster of emotions and sleepless nights. However this will now be your normal life. 

* that sleeping in your own bed without a child next to you, on you or holding you will feel like a spa break. 

* that waking up without a child in your bed, next to you, holding you will cause you panic and you'll jump out of bed to go check they are ok!

* that you miss your children like crazy. Yet being back with them you remember why exactly you wanted 5 minutes peace. 

* that you will at some point catch your child's sick in your hand. 

* that you will be "so" pregnant when you drop things. You walk over them rather than pick them up. 

* that you will worry, feel guilty and stress a great deal of the time. 

* you will end up with a crazy amount of toys, books and various plastic crockery in your house. 

* you will pop extra chips in when cooking child's tea - that you will eat on your own. 

* you will sneak a treat in the kitchen, behind closed doors. So the child does not see.

* you will talk about poo more than you ever thought was possible.

*you will at times want to close the door and just cry.

*you will at some point fall asleep while reading the bedtime story.

*you will find out what local cafes offer good deals on kids lunches and which soft plays offer the best coffee.

*you will soon relax about making bottles, milk etc.

*you will be tired. This is normal.

*you will worry most of the time.

*you will learn to listen to your child. learn with them. 

* you will cry. You will feel rubbish. But you will mainly feel so lucky and loved. Most of the time at least.

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  1. Soooo agree, but, at the end of the day, it is the best 'job' going x

  2. You will discover what true love and heart break is.

    Great pic too