30 Apr 2014

weaning:take 2

I committed the cardinal sin.

Well it sometimes feels that way.

I started weaning N when he turned 4 months. We gave him baby rice as his first "meals".

He wolfed it down.

We moved from baby rice to baby porridge to purees.

Unlike when I weaned M, I did not drag my blender out and steam fruit and veg. I went to Asda and stocked up on pouches of pureed fruit and veg. I took the lazy option.

I do like sitting down and feeding him. Watching him take on different tastes. Watching him learn about flavours.

To continue on my sinning - at "almost" 6 months (so he had not reached the magic 6 month number) I put down in front of my baby a sausage and sweet potato chips - no blended, not mashed - just the same food his brother was having. And guess what he wolfed it down.

I have been very brave, seeing as I am constantly worrying about M choking. He did when he was younger, and that was on the puree style weaning! 

I have surprised myself how brave I have been. How calm and relaxed I have been.

It has been nearly a week since I adopted this more "BLW" approach to weaning and since then N has had chicken, dairylea sandwich, cucumber, toast, eggy bread, scrambled egg, peppers, mango, banana, rice cakes and baby crisps (plus he stole a couple of his brothers pom bears!). And all has been taken in his stride. He look happily at what is put in front of him. Exploring the sight, feel and taste of the foods. He has mastered hand to mouth coordination no problem. His pincher motion plus his ability to find a small piece off his table. His chewing motion is coming along greatly!!

But as clearly set out in this - I am a sinner. I am still giving him purees or spoon feeding. Shock Horror. My confession.

We do a mix of both. I am not following the rules. I am making my own and following my instinct as his mother and following the way my son is accepting and taking on these new experiences. I put a bib on child, I spoon feed him porridge (he loves porridge) I give him things like the pom bears (his brother loves them) I cook things especially for the kids sometimes (they eat much earlier than we do!) I am no applying a label to what we are doing - I guess you could say I am making it up. 

It taken 4 years (maybe more!) for me to have some strength and resolve in what I am doing. To have some faith in my ability ( even though sometimes I think I may be getting it wrong!) It hard this parenting malarkey - its draining.

You have to find some sort of peace with the things we do. We are weaning, our way. Taking a little bit of knowledge from different sources and attempting to enjoy the process. 

Parenting is hard enough as it is - why make things more difficult.


  1. Enjoy it, When I weaned the twins I sort advice and everyone gave me different opinions. Go with your gut instinct you are the mum and as they say mum knows best. What works for one child will not work for another, i learnt that the hard way. Now a mum of 4 teenagers I wish someone could rewind time and go back to the early years, its hard but so rewarding, the hugs and kisses have been replaced with grunts lol

    1. Thanks Ally - some days it sure is easier than others to go with my instinct. I am already nervous about having two teenage sons!