28 Apr 2014


Things hae changed slightly with our lunchtime routine in the edwards household.

I have always been in awe of the Japanese inspired bento lunches. They look so pretty and I was pretty apprehensive about them. But since trying this style of lunching at home I have been really impressed with the way M has been willing to try different types of food. It has also allowed me to make a lunch plate or box for M and be able to leave him eating while I get one with sorting out N. I am also pleased ti get M into eating a pack lunch ready for him to be starting school in September.

I do LOVE all the bento style picks and cutters etc and i'm sure we will add some to our collection soon - but for the time being I am keeping it simples.

We have been using this robot plate  at home from Dunelm Mill and this Food Storage box from Asda for lunches on the go.

Some of our favourites for lunches include:

Warburtons Sandwich thins
Pom Bears
Gingerbread men
I do little treat section with some chocolate buttons, little biscuits and sweets.

To be honest - id love a little lunch like this myself!!


  1. Looks good, dips and pitta are popular here along with wraps too. Mini boxes of rasins from lidl aswell xx

  2. Love those lunches they look fab but at the same time alwayss worth checking on any rules at new schools. Hear lots of comments on crisps and chocolate not being allowed in packed lunches and you may have to bring in some adjustments before school starts

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  4. They look lovely lunches! Pom Bears are a huge favourite in this house too! Thanks for linking up with Show Us Your Packed Lunch! :)