1 Apr 2014

Happy Mothers Day

 My fourth mothers day as a mummy and it was lovely.

I'm not all about the lie in - but having hubby also at 6am was just as awesome.
 I got some lovely gifts - the my family cookbook which I have been eyeing up for ages - its basically a notebook to add in your family recipes, though it is beautifully bound, which gorgeous paper. I am in love. Plus a new pair of trainers.

As a break from the norm we bundled the kids up into the car and drove to Brighton for a bit. We had ice cream, took a walk, sat on the beach and had fish and chips. It was lovely spending time with the boys and having a wander. It was lovely and relaxed. M has so excited about being at the seaside which was a joy to watch - However he soon got wet from a wave, and with no spare shoes we have to take a detour to H&M - thank you for super cute and super price friendly trainers.

We even managed to visit both our mums as well - and home by 8! However we were all shattered from our little day out!!

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