4 Apr 2014

Getting my craft on.

 As per usual I have a few projects on the go. Nothing like keeping you busy hey?
L-R Clockwise

1. Blanket in Robin Candy floss - knitting a garter stitch square to be edged in cream for my nephew. Using this Purl Bee pattern as the reference/inspiration. // 2. Centrique Lace shawl (my first lace project!) I am struggling a bit with this and have gone wrong a few times but I am plodding on. // 3. Gum Stripe Socks. I love knitting socks something about the small needles and tiny stitches. This is bit different to a basic vanilla sock but still straightforward enough to pick and put down. // 4. my Crochet mood blanket - which has taken a bit of back seat. But i am determined to at least finish a large square blanket for 2014 - it just might not be as big as i thought. too much pressure to go back and catch up. Crafting should be fun. I am using the Granny Square pattern from Little tin bird. // 5. Once Upon a Time cross stitch sampler. Which I am enjoying  - love the designs.


  1. I am enjoying the sampler too - although an almighty cock up meant I have had to start again!!

  2. They all look super but I especially love the shawl, it is going to be stunning!

  3. After seeing the sampler on your blog I have been and bought it!! What fabric did you decide to use? I think I've found a similar one to the one they suggest but is £50 for the size I need. Just wondering if you had the same problem! If that's the price then I guess I will order it!! Thanks :-)

    1. Hi Lou. Thanks for the comment. I used some sparkle Aida in white. But think cream sparkle would work better. Love to see how you get on.

    2. Hi Leanne
      Thanks for your reply, I managed to find the correct fabric on ebay in the us. I've ordered so hopefully it won't take long! Just need to order the thread now & I can get started!! I'll keep checking the blog for your progress!!

  4. so much creative loveliness