30 Apr 2014

Today I counted to 10 a million times I'm sure. I did deep breathes, I asked, I disciplined, I sighed, I asked, I begged, I shouted, I said I was sorry, I said geez. 

Today was one of those days. 

A 6 month old who was over tired and refusing to nap longer than half hour. Who was jumpy, grumpy, nosey and cuddly. Who I think is teething. Who was in need of cuddles and kisses. Who really needed some sleep but was refusing to give in. 

A 4 year old who wants to do everything now right away no waiting. Who moves at a million times the speed of light. Who climbs and demands cuddles too. Who wants a chocolate biscuit and a drink. Who really wants ALL the toys out. Who actually needs mummy to play too. Who didn't want dinner. But does want a nice lolly. And does not want to wait for little to finish his bottle. Who is not so keen on sharing his toys but wants to play with his brothers toys. 

The combination of all of the above plus an unsettled nights sleep with them both has led to mummy today feeling a bit blah. 

However we have made it to the end of the day. They are both asleep. I have a cuppa. 

Tomorrow is just around the corner. 

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