12 Mar 2014

The week that was.

I've slipped off the blogging bandwagon. Lots of things but mainly just life. It seems I follow this pattern of basically not being able to do everything! The. I get to the point of explosion and meltdown. Then take a breather dust myself down and plough back on. 

I've not kept up with my projectlife album. Which makes me sad. I need to do through and at least print the pictures so even of it's just a visual representation of our year then that's fine. 

Last week from my camera roll. 

1.// cuddles on the sofa with my big boy. 2.// starting first tastes with little one. 3.// big one wrecking the place! 4.// world book day and superman. 5.// both boys asleep in the car. 6.// a sunny spring walk in the park 7.// daddy and little one. 

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