19 Mar 2014


I need to accept I cannot do it all. I cannot be the perfect mother or perfect wife. I have flaws. I don't like housework. But I don't like all the mess. I struggle daily and this is ok. I am not an expert on many things. I'm a novice at most. I'm still finding my feet. I need to pace myself more. I need to take time to live. I need to worry less. I need to be brave. Life is not meant to be perfect. Without the downs how could I not appreicate the ups. When my days feel dark it's ok to retreat and recharge. It's ok to ask for help and accept it graciously into my life. 

It's ok to be me. 


  1. The housework will still be there tomorrow - your boys won't be little for long. Housework or play? No contest really; play always won in our house! :-) (And boy! Did they play messy... lol) Jude.x

  2. When my two were small my house was a mess all the time, but, now they are bigger it is only a mess some of the time....housework, who cares?? Being with you babies and trying to get a bit of time to yourself is far more important xx