14 Feb 2014

Love is.

Love is patient. Love is kind. 

Love is knowing how you take your tea or that you prefer herbal.  

Love is knowing which sauce you want with dinner. 

Love is cooking something your not keen on but knowing the other one loves it. 

Love is watching their favorite programme. Even if it's not yours. 

Love is calling them on the phone just to hear their voice and have a cry. 

Love is telling them your angry, or they are being silly or that what they just says is wrong. 

Love is forgiving those times. 

Love is buying a diet coke and chocolate bar just because. 

Love is having a cuddle while our bed has no small children in it. 

Love is holding your hand when the small children are in our bed. 

Love is kisses on my nose. 

Love is snuggles on the sofa. 

Love is watching you be a father.

Love is not perfect. 

Love is changing. 

I loves you. 

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